Library 2.0: Building the New Library Services

Fan Bingsi,Hu Xiaojing
Web 2.0 is a kind of user-oriented network technology and services. Library 2.0 is the application of web 2.0 in library. Based on surveys of “web 2.0” and “library 2.0” in network media both in domestic and abroad, the paper traces the origin and development progress of library 2.0. The principles and theory of library 2.0 were proposed separately in Talis’ white paper and in an interview with Preparations in HighEd BlogCon. The application of library 2.0 includes wiki, blog, RSS, open source software, application integration and user participation. Currently the problems involved in the library 2.0 application remain in the implementation of technology, resource construction and usage, librarians’ adaptability, and orientation of research and development.